Advanced technologies in Lipetsk

Two lonely milf unusual lamps have been installed at one of the yards of Lipetsk. According to the mayor’s press-service office, such lamps do not need connecting to city external lighting grids as soon as they are supplied from solar batteries and can generate electric energy on their own.

The mobile porn accumulator can be charged even in Russian not too bright day light conditions. Half of the day is enough for a full charge which shall be sufficient for a week. In cloudy weather the accumulator can generate power as well, but not at full capacity. When night comes, the lamp is automatically switched on and keeps on working until dawn. During the darkest periods and early in the morning the lamps work at maximal capacity which allows for good visibility.

Another cartoon porn peculiarity of lamps is that their light does not attract insects. The lamps have been provided to the city residential department free of charge by one of Austrian manufacturing companies.

Using celebrity porn pics such lamps all over the city could save up to 80% of electric energy.