Saving billiions of rubles

The lesbian porno citizens of Moscow due to energy saving measures in 2012-2020 shall be able to save some 126 bill rubles, says the draft of a target energy saving program presented last week during the sitting of Moscow state duma committee on city economy and residential strategy.

"The celebrity porn total economy for the population in regard to the payment for energy resources in 2012-2016 shall make 41 bill rubles", says the draft of the target program "Energy saving in Moscow in 2012-1216 and until 2020".

According phone porn to the document, in 2017-2020 the economy shall reach 85 bill rubles. At the same time the total economy of energy costs for all consumers in 2012-2020 shall amount to approximately 680 bill rubles.

According adult anime to the draft of the program, investments into the energy saving program shall be paid back. At the same time it shall help increase ecological safety in the city, improve environmental situation due to reduced combustion of organic fuels and decreased losses of energy resources. "The program implementation shall help significantly limit greenhouse emissions", - says the document.