The problem of investments

The lesbian porno launch of wind power plant in Klinskiy district of Moscow region has been suspended for an indefinite period of time.

According hentai sex to “Radio Klin”, four wind power plants were planned to be launched in May 2011. The project was financed by private investments.

The black amateur porn pilot power plants are just the beginning of a grand project that shall eventually result in a wind farm. According to the authors of the project, Klinskiy district has quite a stable wind situation and significant demand for electric energy. Many enterprises, especially medium-sized businesses have to rent electric power plants or pay much money for the connection to existing grids.

During hot milfs the project implementation there emerged unforeseen obstacles, the high cost of customs fees made the authors of the project increase the budget. However necessary financial means have not been found, thus the generation of electricity from the air in the district has been suspended. Nevertheless the source of “Radio Klin” declared that in the nearest time Klinskiy district may still become the pilot project in Moscow region using alternative sources of energy.