A partner to rely upon

On iphone porn April 6th the governor of Murmanskaya oblast Dmitriy Dmitrienko and the governor of Norwegian Finnmark Gunnar Hennoy signed a number of important documents defining further cooperation between Murmanskaya oblast and Norway in implementing projects on nuclear and radiation safety. In particular the parties reached agreement regarding the continuation of construction of engineering networks, common transformer station and the beginning of construction of an internal road at a technical site at Guba Andereva. The Norwegian celeb sex tapes party shall allocate 95 mill rubles for this purpose in 2011.

In mobile porn addition to that the parties signed a contract for the continuation of the project on utilization of radioisotope thermoelectric generators and the replacement of lighthouses at the North-West of Russia with solar cells. The cost of the works shall amount to 98 mill rubles.

When real milfs commenting upon the documents signed, the Russian and Norwegian governors noted that the accumulated experience of cooperation between the two countries is generally successful, while the implementation of current projects is taking place in accordance with previously signed contracts.

black porn Norway shall remain a partner in this cooperation, – said Finnmark governor Gunnar Hennoy to the journalists. – A partner to rely upon.

priligy online In addition to that we have signed with our Norwegian colleagues a Memorandum on cooperation on the fields of ecology, climate, nuclear and radiation safety, health, education, agriculture,  emergency management, – said Dmitriy Dmitrienko.