Top class building

Until phone sex video the end of 2011 in Sverdlovskaya oblast there shall be constructed an A class energy efficient house. It shall consume 5 times less electric energy than modern buildings and 13 time less than old buildings constructed more than 50 years ago. This shall be a 3-storeyed building with 15 apartments up to 68 sq.m. each.

According black girl porn to Aleksey Pirogov, the head of department of energy efficient technologies at the Energy saving institute, energy resources shall be saved due to the use of  modern construction technologies, equipment and the principles of industrial design. For example, the house shall be equipped with a special canopy protecting the residents from heat in summer and collecting sun rays in winter. The house shall also have a ground heat exchanger, floor warming systems, heat pumps and waste heat exchangers. Solar collectors and photovoltaic panels at the roof shall also help significantly reduce energy consumption.

The lesbian xxx building shall be constructed in Nizhniy Tagil according to the program of resettling the population from hazardous housing. According to Maksim Shulin, the head of department of residential and communal utilities reformation at the regional ministry of energy, 63% of the project is financed by the Fund of assisting residential and communal utilities reformation. The rest of funds are allocated from the regional and city budgets. The total project cost is yet being specified. If the pilot project proves to be efficient, the construction of energy efficient houses shall be continued in 2012.

Elena Milyaeva