Solar energy from the Moon

Scientists lesbian sex from the Institute of semiconductor physics of Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Huston University (USA) are working at a joint project of installing solar cells at a large territory of the Moon. Accumulated solar energy from the cells would be directed to the Earth, said the director of R&D institute Oleg Pchelyakov.

He young gay porn said that the solar cells to be installed on the Moon would be manufactured from material that does not yet exist – special semiconductor crystals. The scientists from the two countries are launching a vacuum laboratory for growing such crystals.

Solar phone porn energy from the Moon is planned to be directed to the Earth using lasers. "The energy shall be transferred to the Earth via a laser ray, for which we need to have a focusing system. Meanwhile at the Earth the energy needs to be disfocused so that it would not damage animals, plants and insects", - explained Pchelyakov.

In nude celebrities his opinion, the advantage of creating whole "fields of solar cells" on the Moon is the absence of any dust or clouds there and no sunless days at all.

"I old milf believe that this is the future of all solar energy", - said the scientist. At the same time he mentioned that it is so far impossible to tell the time the fields of solar cells shall appear on the Moon.

Vadim Manenkov