Conference on risk management in energy sector

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On phone porn March 2, 2011 at President hotel in Moscow there took place a VII annual conference organized by «Energymarket» magazine and the Bureau for intellectual support of energy reforms devoted to “Risk management in energy sector: tenth anniversary of the reform – results and new development opportunities”. The conference was headed by Professor, Doctor of economics V.Zubakin.

The propecia online participants of the conference discussed such currently acute issues like perspective directions and technologies of energy risks managements in view of ten years of electric energy sector reformation, technological and economic risks of consumers, effect of Federal law “About heat supply” on risk management systems at utilities and consumers, risks connected with the termination of the transition period of electric energy sector reformation, effect of Federal law “About energy saving and increasing energy efficiency” on managing the risks of inefficient use of energy resources. The list of the speakers included the representatives of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation, Federal Antimonopoly Service, the Ministry of regional development, state corporation “Rosatom”, Inter RAO UES, NP “EnergoProfAudit”, etc.

R-Energo hentai videos was represented at the seminar by Ragnar Ottosen, Partner, who made a presentation on “Risks of energy companies and consumers in implementing energy-saving technologies”. In his speech Mr. Ottosen raised issues like long-term energy efficiency potential and risk elements, and introduced to the audience the concept of R-Energo on risks determination, development of risk reducing business solutions and the possibility of concluding energy service contracts for the implementation of energy saving measures at a customer’s facility where commercial and technical risks are shifted from the customer over to the contractor.