Trip to Novgorod project site

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On hot milfs March 10, 2011 the representatives of R-Energo made a working trip to the construction site of planned Novgorodskaya bioelectric power plant in order to summarize and check the design parameters with the aim of launching works on basic design. In the trip there also took part the representatives Danish engineering company RenewEnergy A/S that had been selected as the project strategic technical partner.

By cartoon porn the results of the trip the participants of the meeting negotiated feedstock parameters in order to lock the mass balance and agree on the design basis, inspected the project site and agreed upon the final locations of the biogas plant and equipment, discussed logistic schemes,  connections, time schedule and project organization.

At gay porn videos the present moment the project is shifting to the stage of starting the basic design and making investment decisions.

RenewEnergy phone porn A/S is an engineering company with more than 20 years’ of experience in designing and building biogas plants and separation plants. The company possesses a vast experience of designing effective conversion processes for the agricultural, food, and distillation sectors.