Its own wind park for Kolsky peninsula

A lesbian porno wind park shall be erected at Kolsky peninsula. For the construction of the wind park there was allocated an area near Lodeynoye settlement, along the road Murmansk – Tumanny – Serebryanskie HPPs. The subsidiary of IDGC of North-West «Коlenergo» are developing various variants of technological connection of wind energy facilities to the grid.

Project adult anime initiators and developers note that Murmansk region possesses huge energy potential and unique conditions for renewable energy facilities operation.

Deputy celeb gossip director of «Коlenergo» Andrey Gorokhov during a working meeting on the construction of the wind park informed that the parties have by now concluded an agreement for technological connection, while technical specifications shall depend on the selected variant of power distribution scheme.

In buy nolvadex their turn project developer – Dutch Windlife Energy said that the power distribution scheme shall depend on the type of wind power turbine which is not yet selected. So far it is only known that it is planned to construct 80 wind units with the total capacity of 200 MW.