Solution for remote settlements

A black erotica wind power plant shall be constructed in 2011 at Gyda national settlement at the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, said on Sunday the first deputy Governor of the district Vladimiк Vladimirov.

"The cartoon porn videos capacity of the wind power plant shall make 2 MW. There shall be 4 generators, these shall be our Rybinsk wind generators (manufactured by Rybinsk machine building factory). We are now very actively and I believe successfully developing wind power generating sector", - said Vladimirov according to RIA Novosti.

He buy generic priligy online told that there are now four wind power generators operating at remote settlements at the district (three onshore and one offshore unit). Depending on the energy consumption of the settlement, their capacity amounts to 200 kW up to 2 MW. The district uses wind generators produced by Siemens and Rybinsk machine building factory.

According lesbian sex to Vladimirov, an ideal energy balance for the district would be 30% of nuclear energy, 30% of renewable energy and 30% of gas generation. At the present moment 90% of electric energy is generated due to gas generation. The energy consumption amounts to 11 GW of electric energy where the energy shortage is 1 GW. The main supplier of electric energy at the district is Surgutskaya district power plant.