RusHydro advancing at Kamchatka

RusHydro zithromax online are intending to attract Icelandic companies to the development of its own geothermal energy sector at Kamchatka, informs "Коmmersant" paper. The plan consists in possible partnership or the purchase of shares in energy assets of Iceland. One of RusHydro partners may be Reykjavik Geothermal. The head of the Russian energy company Evgeny Dod noted that RusHydro are interested in purchasing a significant share in the capital of this Icelandic geothermal company.

Deputy adult anime head of RusHydro George Rizhinashvili told about another perspective project. According to him, there is a possibility of constructing a large 250 MW geothermal plant basing on existing Mutnovskaya geothermal power plant. He explained that the project is relevant in case of construction of an aluminum smelter at the territory and added that Icelandic companies are engaged exactly in the construction of such units (geothermal plants and an industrial consumer). Mr. Rizhinashvili believes that the smelter may be constructed either by Rusal or by foreign companies from Norway or China. RusHydro did not name possible investments in joint with Iceland projects of geothermal assets development.

At hentai sex the present moment RusHydro geothermal assets at Kamchatka include Pauzhetskaya geothermal power plant (12 МW) and a complex of Mutnovskie geothermal power plants (60 МW).

One best lesbian porn of the largest cost items during the construction of geothermal facilities is the development of geothermal fields. Should the development works have already been performed, then geothermal power plants may well compete with traditional energy sector. In Russia there have been developed 47 fields which creates a good basis for the development of this direction. Due to the high cost of natural gas at Kamchatka, the construction of geothermal capacities is quite profitable.