Breakthrough of Russian scientists

Specialists lesbian porn pics from Novosibirsk innovative company SUN have developed a unique technology for the production of solar batteries.

Now adult anime the photocells of solar batteries may be applied as paint and printed at suitable surfaces where nano-materials may serve as a basis instead of traditional silicon plates. And this is a kind of a revolution as well. While traditional solar batteries require direct solar radiation, nanostructures allow generate electric energy even when in shadow.

The nude celebrities volume of investments for the development amounts to about USD 40 mill. The new method allows to precisely apply a measured working layer which increases the quality of the batteries and significantly decreases their cost. Experts believe that this achievement shall help Russia overcome the silicon stage of solar energy sector development.

The lesbian videos technology developed has no similars in the world. Although the very idea of printing solar batteries is not new. Two years ago an Australian state organization announced about the production of a battery basing on a technology used for printing banknotes. However the efficiency of such polymer batteries turned out to be 5% less than that of classical silicon units. Scientists from Novosibirsk studied the experience of their Australian colleagues and revealed the flaws in the technology.

The cartoon porn videos new technology shall allow, for example, print solar batteries at the roof of a car which shall lead to a revolution in car industry.