Sunny perspectives

Renewable sources of energy shall be inevitably included into the energy balance of Russia.  It feels like in the nearest years, if not months, the sector of renewables shall shift from R&D to the field of exclusively commercial projects.

If we have a look at the distribution of solar power along the territory of Russia (pic. 1), we shall see that the it  is only Southern and North-Caucasian federal regions and the Far East that are apt for the use of solar energy. However this concerns only the use of fixed solar panels.


Рic. 1 Average daily totals for solar radiation onto the horizontal surface, kWh/(day sq.m)

However hot milfs when it comes to other solar technologies, it becomes all different. For example, if we use automated Sun oriented panels, it shall turn out that almost the whole territory of Russia is located within the solar-efficient zone. Already today these regions possess economic potential that allows construct solar installations with positive profit. The South of Russia may generate today 420 bill. kWh of electric energy per year or over 1 bill kCal of heat.


Рic. black porn 2 Average daily totals for solar radiation onto optimal-oriented surface, kWh/(day sq.m)

As for the nearest perspectives, one could name the project of two large photoelectric solar plants in Kislovodsk: Kislovodskaya solar power plant-1 (peak capacity 13 MW) and  Kislovodskaya solar power plant-2 (peak capacity 5 МW).

Another buy generic nolvadex online interesting project are Temryukskie solar power plants with total peak capacity of 100 MW.

Apart propecia online from «classic» photoelectric plants, it is planned to construct in Russia a number of solar power facilities basing on different physical principles. In particular, in Rostov region it is being planned to construct a thermodynamic solar power plant with 10 MW of peak capacity. Electric energy shall be generated using a standard steam turbine, meanwhile the steam for the turbine shall be received due to solar radiation, with the help of devices similar to parabolic concentrators.

Another milf fuck Russian perspective project is the use of Stirling engine as well as steam-gas solar-fuel systems.

All in all it is planned to implement at the south of Russia until 2030 a whole number of projects on renewables.

- gay movies Photoelectric solar power plants up to 300 MW in Krasnodar and Stavropol territories, at Rostov and Astrakhan regions, at Dagestan, Karachay-Cherkess and Kabardino-Balkar Republics;

- Thermodynamic solar electric power plants up to 500 MW at Southern and North-Caucasian federal regions;

- diflucan online Combined 50-300 MW solar-biogas and solar-wind  electric power plants;

- gay sex Heat supplying solar power plants at Southern federal region with the total capacity of up to 1000 МW.

Andrey Gubanov