Signing a Memorandum on the construction of a Biogas plant

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On hentai videos September 17th at the office of R-Energo in Moscow there was signed a Memorandum between «R-Energo» Ltd. and «Novgorodsky bekon» Ltd. according to which the parties agreed to establish a black girl porn joint partnership enterprise for the construction of Biogas Electric power plant at the basis of «Novgorodsky bekon» Ltd.

R-Energo best mobile porn subsidiary – R-Energo engineering  - as a first project stage performed preliminary feasibility study and developed a pre-project report for the first stage of the project of construction of an innovative greenhouse complex in Novgorod region using energy efficient technologies – construction of a biogas electric power plant. According to the project calculations, basic optimal technical and economic values of the future biogas plant have been identified:

Installed celeb news capacity                                                        2,8 МW

Electric mobile porn energy output                                                  22,400,000 kWh

Heat hot milfs output                                                                 23,200,000 kWh

Gross investment costs                                                8 785 000 Euro

One Bbw Porn of the project tasks is to provide for the minimal environmental impact and reduce the volumes of greenhouses gases emissions into the atmosphere.

The celebrity porn project shall be an integral part of new Russian-Norwegian energy agreement as a pilot project demonstrating positive economic and ecological results of using biogas technologies and increasing interest of investors, as well as set an example for future projects in the field of planning, construction and operation of biogas plants in Russia.