Trip to Denmark

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Early lonely milf September the representatives of R-Energo visited Denmark in order to hold preliminary negotiations with potential suppliers of biogas equipment to be installed at a biogas plant planned for construction in Novgorod region at the basis of «Novgorodsky bekon» Ltd. within the frames of stage 1 of the project of construction of an innovative greenhouse complex using energy efficient technologies.

The gay porn videos representatives of R-Energo were demonstrated a reference Linkogas biogas plant the project of which was implemented yet in 1990 and was gradually extended to 3 MW. Every day the plant treats over 600 tons of waste.

The lesbian porno representatives of R-Energo also visited  Grøngas biogas plant with the initial capacity of 625 kW, which was gradually extended to 1415 kW in 2009 . The plant recycles waste slaughterhouse, oil and fat, fish waste, sludge, slurry, solid fraction from separated slurry, maize, grain as well as additional waste/biomasses if available.

During nude celebrities the trip the representatives of R-Energo also had a meeting with the suppliers of equipment and visited the headquarters of leading Danish engineering companies in the field of biogas plant design.