Report on Segozerskaya SHPP project

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By clomid online the results of additional research and calculations of available materials on the alternative variants of construction of Segozerskaya SHPP on the Segezha river, the specialists of R-Energo in cooperation with Norwegian engineering KF Gruppen concluded that from among all the alternatives in consideration the most attractive and only possible one from economic point of view is the variant with the installation of two 4.5 MW Kaplan turbines at the dam of Segozerskoye reservoir.

By gay porn the results of the work performed there was prepared a Preliminary report on the construction of Segozerskaya SHPP on the Segezha river which was forwarded for the consideration of the experts of JSC «ТGК-1» with a proposal to start further project development where R-Energo would undertake the task of construction, financing and loan repayment for the period of 20 years. After that it is planned to transfer the plant into the ownership of JSC «ТGК-1».

R-Energo phone porn is working in view of long-term perspective and sees Segozerskaya project as a good example of using Norwegian experience and competence in the field of SHPP development. Experience from implementing the project shall serve as a basis for the evaluation of the possibility to develop further projects. In addition to that the projects shall serve as a small however valuable contribution into the increase of power generating capacity in the region.