E::Save software

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R-Energo adult anime engineering received exclusive rights for the presentation at the Russian market of Norwegian E::Save software intended for tracking energy usage of buildings and structures and in real-time mode.

The lesbian sex porn program allows to:

- gay porn videos receive frequently updated and comprehensive overview of energy use at the facility – all at one glance

- buy generic clomid online by conscientious follow up work based on alarms and analysis from E::SAVE you may save 5-20% of energy use

- celeb sex videos receive early warning alarms on irregularities and malfunctioning energy equipment

- lesbian videos receive good documentation after energy saving programs and investments are fulfilled


Diagrams lesbian sex are supported with help-texts and interactive information when cursor are used to point at diagrams.

Reports cartoon porn are generated by the results of the work performed. By the user’s choice, Reports may be based on Weeks, Months or a Period for one selected year. By selecting”Auto-reports” option, users may define their own type of reports which will be sent periodically to specified email addresses.