The name was coined from the title of the controversial book. It has since become popular enough with couples to be discussed during an episode of Sex and the City. Women who perform in lesbian pornography often do not consider themselves lesbian or bisexual. Bukkake pornography involves a performer, usually female, onto whom several men or women ejaculate, usually on the face. These actors often play the top roles but this is not always the case, such as with Kristen Bjorn and some Bel Ami models. The glans itself may widen and lengthen as the stimulation continues, becoming slightly darker in colour, while the gliding action of the foreskin reduces friction. The naked appearance of actress Demi Moore in the advanced stage of pregnancy on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine in 1991 marked the beginning of a period which has since seen pregnancy presented by celebrities as a glamorous state of living, while also creating a market for photographers to produce images of pregnant mothers, and for fashion stylists to introduce pregnancy styling to their business. Hermaphrodite, also known as herm, refers to pornography, typically hentai, that features persons with the genitalia of both sexes. This gay sex genre also features male-on-male fellatio through a small hole made in a bathroom divider. Coprophilia , also called scatophilia or scat , is the paraphilia involving sexual arousal and pleasure from feces. Some are aroused from wetting their diapers, others like messing their diapers. For circumcised males, on whom the glans is mostly or completely uncovered, this technique creates more direct contact between the hand and the glans. Felching is a sexual practice involving the act of orally sucking semen out of the vagina or anus of one partner. A study of 164 males in Finland from two SM clubs found that 18.2% had engaged in coprophilia; 3% as a sadist, 6.1% as a masochist, and 9.1% as both. 18% of heterosexuals and 17% of homosexuals in the study pool had tried coprophilia, showing no statistically significant difference between heterosexuals and homosexuals.
R-Energo engineering

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On June 8th, 2010 R-Energo engineering Ltd. entered Non-commercial Partnership «EnergoProfAudit».

«EnergoProfAudit» Partnership was established with the aim of regulating and controlling the professional activity of its members, protecting their professional interests, controlling their compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, standards, rules of business and professional etiquette, requirements of technical regulations as well as improving their activities and assisting its members in the performance of energy inspections and energy auditing.

The Partnership includes 17 member companies from all over Russia.

R-Energo engineering Ltd. is focused at energy inspections of buildings and structures at the territory of the Russian Federation as well as professional energy audit with comprehensive diagnostic analysis of buildings’ energy efficiency level, development and implementation of relevant technological solutions.

It is planned that by the results of energy inspections held, there shall be issued voluntary energy certificates indicating the class of energy efficiency of the building as is in long ago established European system of buildings’ certification. The landmark shall be the system of energy audit in Norway.

Energy auditing methods shall be based on Norwegian experience in view of parameters like temperature, insulation, air permeability of walls and windows, sun light penetration, necessity in lighting, etc. Similarities in climate and energy systems of Norway and Russia shall be of a significant advantage.