Trip to Lusakert Pedigree Poultry Plant

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On milf porn June 12th to cartoon porn videos June 15th, kamagra online 2010 the representatives of R-Energo made an information visit to Lusakert  Pedigree Poultry Plant LLC with the aim of studying the experience of operating a biogas installation that was launched at the enterprise in October 2008 in order to generate electric energy due to the processing of organic waste from the plant. The project was implemented with direct support and participation of the government of the Republic of Armenia, the Ministry of foreign affairs of Norway and the Ministry of nature protection of Denmark.

The gay porn videos plant is located in Nor Geghi Village, region Kotayk, Republic of Armenia, 25 km from Erevan and occupies the territory of 134 ha.

Waste black girl porn processing system which was previously used at the poultry plant consisted of traditional open stabilization lagoons with liquid production waste. Being one of the most economical and reliable systems for waste collection and removal, this technology leads to direct emissions into the atmosphere of methane (CH4) and nitrogen oxide (N2O) as a result of anaerobic digestion of organic substances inside the lagoons.

Validation gay porn of Kyoto protocol and the possibility to apply Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) played a key role for deciding to use a more expensive and efficient technology which allows to improve the system of waste treatment and reduce greenhouse gases emissions into the atmosphere. The proposed technology is based on using methantanks instead of stabilization lagoons. Organic fertilizers created during the processing of waste in a methantank are directed to existing lagoons, while the resulting biogas is utilized in a cogenerating plant (a generator with a gas engine) with the aim of receiving heat and electric energy. Excess gas is flared.


Resulting mature milfs heat is used for heating the methantank in order to stabilize the process of digestion of organic substances contained in waste from the poultry plant as well as for the technological needs of the plant. Electric energy is delivered to Armenian distribution grid according to the tariff established by Public Services regulatory commission. High quality organic fertilizer received as a result of processing input manure is both used at farms and sold at a network of specialized shops thus providing for additional profit.

The celeb sex tapes experience of implementing the project shall be taken into account when implementing R-Energo developed project of construction of a greenhouse complex basing on a livestock breeding farm with the use of state-of-the-art energy efficient technologies of anaerobic digestion of waste for generating additional electric and heat energy. The project is intended for implementation at the territory of Novgorod region of the Russian Federation.