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Bergen, Norway, may be called an example of a modern «green» city. Within the frames of the program “Cities of the future” that is being implemented in many cities of Europe, the government of Bergen put an ambitious but quite an attainable goal of becoming a greenhouse neutral city and good urban environment in order for the citizens of Bergen to be living in   favorable and safe local environment.

The specialists from Bergen developed an overwhelming plan focusing at:

- improving the quality of the air in Bergen mainly consisting in implementing measures targeting the causes of air pollution in Bergen rather than the symptoms: nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides, carbon dioxide and noise;

- studying the risks and vulnerability of the city during its development;

- the preservation and development of agriculture in Bergen where  local agricultural production for a local market has a positive impact on the demand for transport, thus reducing carbon emissions;

- fighting against climate change and protection of human rights aimed at clarifying to what extent sustainable climate development can be defined as a human right;

- buy generic zithromax online strengthening regional collaboration, with main emphasis on commercial and industrial development, transport solutions and the construction of housing. The Bergen area shall be an attractive region for trade and industry, with good availability of areas that are suitable for business activities and well located in relation to housing and transport needs;


At the present moment within the frames of «Cities of the future» program in Bergen, at different stages of implementation are the projects in four priority sectors of economics:

- land use and transport,

- stationary energy,

- consumption pattern and waste,

- adaptation to climate changes.


Land use and transport








Bergen best hentai porn is actively working upon the development of an environmentally friendly, safe and efficient transport system with separate infrastructures for public transport and road haulage.

Light rail network construction is going on the full speed in order to connect the city centre with the outskirts.

Measures are taken in order to reduce the traffic load in the central parts of the city: the parking policy must be designed to motivate more people to use public transport between the city districts and the centre.

Special focus is given to priority organization of cycle paths, in particular near the center and in the very city center.

Planning gay sex of Bergen transport system development is based on environmental assumptions.


Stationary energy









The black teens porn strategy of Bergen development is aimed at the reduction of use of organic fuel for heating purposes.

Measures anime hentai porn are taken in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from stationary energy consumption by phasing out oil boilers and replacing them with renewable energy sources.

Special focus is given to the construction of new energy efficient buildings and the use of a complex of relevant energy saving measures in already existing buildings.


Consumption pattern and waste









Bergen mobile porn strategy presupposes that ecological products should be made easily obtainable at a reasonable price. It should be possible not to have to take home the great quantities of useless packaging that exist today. It should be made easier to recycle and repair products. Local recycling centres must also be opened. Bergen has several smaller enterprises engaging in the redesigning, renewal and repairing of old furniture etc.

Bergen has an ecological management system due to ecological certification of all municipal buildings.

The process of construction of a more environmentally friendly sewage network is on the full way in the city center.


Adaptation milf porn to climate changes


Bergen is a city in close proximity to the sea, with large quantities of precipitation.  An analysis has therefore been carried out in connection with the land-use part of the municipal master plan. Different types of risk maps have been drawn up, mapping, for example, local precipitation, floods, water levels and land-slide risk areas. These maps are used in planning processes and developments to reduce the risk of unforeseen incidents.

A lot of the proposed projects relate to building knowledge about local climate models, registration of climate vulnerability and drawing up forecasts and scenarios to help identify what adaptation will be necessary in the Bergen area.

The iphone porn City of Bergen attaches great importance to having a hygienic water supply with good usability qualities, and secure and reliable wastewater management.


Having studied Bergen program on becoming a greenhouse neutral city and good urban environment, R-Energo are planning to suggest developing and implementing a similar program at one of the cities at the North-West of the Russian Federation.

In nude celebrities the opinion of the specialists of R-Energo, due to significant similarity of climatic (moderately continental to moderately marine climate), industrial (political centers, international ports,  trading cities with well-developed business centers), cultural and historic (rich history, strong architectural traditions) peculiarities of the two cities, it would be very useful to use the experience of implementing the program above when creating a similar program in St. Petersburg. R-Energo are planning to approach soon with such an initiative the heads of St. Petersburg and Bergen and take an active part in the process.