Segozerskaya SHPP

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The hentai videos specialists of Norwegian engineering company KF Gruppen, by the request and task of R-Energo, have adjusted the parameters of Segozerskaya SHPP planned to be constructed on the Segezha river in the Republic of Karelia. As a result of the analysis basing on additional materials received and studies, the specialists of R-Energo calculated optimal installed capacity of the power plant in the amount of 4,5 МW, with the installation of 2 Kaplan turbines. Optimal installed capacity of Segozerskaya SHPP was defined with the method of market HPP design basing on a model developed by the specialists of R-Energo. The process of investment analysis preparation included the comparison of marginal investment costs for increasing the size of the reservoir and its extension with the marginal market cost of power supply at different periods of time.

According nude celebrities to the established project implementation schedule, upon the finalization of financial and legal aspects of the project in July-August 2010 with the participation of Norwegian and Russian specialists there shall be started the stage of research works and development of design documentation for Segozerskaya SHPP. R-Energo shall prepare final project study and hold a tender for the award of contracts for the performance of project works in September-October  2010.