Trip to Veliky Novgorod

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On cartoon porn April 19th, priligy online 2010 the representatives of R-Energo made a trip to Novgorod region where they participated in a meeting with the representatives of the Administration of Novgorod region in order to discuss the details of cooperation during the implementation of the project of construction of an innovative greenhouse farm with energy efficient technologies basing on a livestock breeding farm using the experience of implementing a similar project in Norway. During the meeting the participants examined potential sites for the project implementation and preliminarily negotiated the possibilities for future strategic cooperation.

At young gay porn the present moment it is considered implementing the project at three possible investment sites: Ermolino settlement, Ruchji village and Chechulino settlement of Novgorod region.

It hentai videos is supposed constructing a 3 MW electric generating installation. Electric energy produced shall be used for own needs of livestock breeding complexes, delivery to the grid and supply of the future greenhouse farm.

The cartoon porn videos specialists of R-Energo have started preliminary research and calculations in order to make a final decision regarding the future investment site for implementing the Project of construction of an innovative greenhouse farm with the use of energy efficient technologies basing on a livestock breeding complex.

In mobile porn accordance with the established project schedule, the final decision regarding the project start-up is preliminarily scheduled for November 2010.

It black girl porn is supposed that the project shall allow to increase the energy efficiency of operation of the future greenhouse farm with the reduction of energy consumption by 50% compared to common greenhouses and the reduction of greenhouse emissions from the livestock breeding complex which shall allow the enterprise to participate in CO2 quotas trading scheme.

R-Energo kamagra online is particularly grateful for the hospitality and active cooperation in the organization of the trip to the First deputy Head of committee on agriculture and nutrition of Novgorod region Mr. Khaletsky.