Law on energy efficiency

On November 23rd, 2009 the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a Federal law "On energy saving and increasing energy efficiency and on introduction of amendments into certain legislative acts of Russian Federation".  For some reason the document signed was remembered and perceived by the Mass media and the community in the terms of prohibition to sell at the territory of Russian Federation starting from January 1st, hentai videos 2011 electric incandescent lamps with the capacity of 100 W and more. nude celebrities Meantime the new Law very clearly underlined all the proposed actions of the Government of Russian Federation for the performance of an ambitious task of reducing by 2020 energy intensity of Russian GDP by no less than 40%.

According to the adopted «Law on energy efficiency», apart from the prohibition to sell incandescent lamps with the capacity of 100 W and more, there may also be imposed in the nearest future a prohibition for manufacturing and selling low energy efficiency goods, however upon condition of sufficient supply of energy efficient substitutes.

The law also introduces an obligatory requirement on shifting to settlements for energy resources basing on gauges, according to which: until January 1st, 2011 all legal entities and state authorities shall be equipped with devices measuring energy resources used; until January 1st, black girl porn 2012 all the owners of residential houses and apartments at apartments blocks shall have gauges for the houses in general as well as for every single apartment in particular; starting from July 1st, 2010 all supplying organizations shall be subject to the requirement regarding the installation and the use of devices measuring resources supplied for the consumers serviced.

The teen celebrity porn Law also contains a requirement for producers and importers to label products as per their energy efficiency class: all household energy consuming appliances – starting from 2011, and computer and office equipment  - starting from 2012.

Another group of requirements may be specified as requirements to buildings and structures. In accordance with energy efficiency requirements to new buildings, structures, erections, all buildings, structures, erections (except for individual constructions, religious buildings and small buildings) that shall be put in operation after the issue of the «Law on energy efficiency», shall comply with energy efficiency celeb sex tapes requirements at the moment of launching in operation as well as during the process of building operation and be equipped with devices measuring energy resources used, with the definition of an energy efficiency class and placing information about it at the façade of the apartment building. At the same time in accordance with the requirements to maintaining the common property of apartment buildings and recommendations to horticultural, market-gardening and dacha associations of citizens, the rules of maintaining common house property  by the owners of apartments at an apartment building now also include obligatory energy saving and energy efficiency measures. Meanwhile the Ministry of regional development of Russia establishes a list of recommended energy saving and energy efficiency measures for common property of horticultural, market-gardening and dacha associations of citizens.

The Law introduces the notion of obligatory energy inspection. In accordance with the requirements of the Law, state bodies and local authorities, regulated organizations, organizations with no less than a major share of the state or a municipal establishment, companies of fuel and energy complex, organization whose annual expenses for energy consumption amount to more than ten million rubles, are obliged until 2012 and further on, no less than once in every 5 years, to hold an energy inspection. There is also a requirement for all budgetary establishments starting from 2010, on an annual basis, for the period of 5 years, to reduce the volumes of energy resources consumed by 3% compared to 2009 level. The Law establishes a list of goods, works and services, state purchase contracts on which shall be made in view of their energy efficiency characteristics. All state companies, budgetary units and milf photos regulated organizations, regions and municipalities shall prepare Energy saving and energy efficiency programs.

For the first time the Law describes energy service agreements which allow physical and legal entities to save energy resources without investing their own means but at the expense of an energy servicing company.

The Law introduces an opportunity gay porn to shift to long-term tariff regulation for all utilities and presupposes obligatory shift to long-term regulation as follows: for electric energy sector: for the Federal Grid company – starting from January 1st, 2010, for MRSK grid companies – during  the whole year 2010 but no later than January 1st, lesbian xxx 2011; for other electric grid companies, and for heat supplying sector – starting from January 1st, 2012.

In order to provide methodological and information support for the whole energy efficiency and energy saving process according to the provisions of the «Law on energy efficiency» a State information system is established. Its tasks include: systematization of the process of collecting and exchanging information about energy resources consumption from the federal, regional and municipal bodies; receiving analytical data about the consumption of energy resources and energy saving potential; iphone porn informing subjects, population about energy saving possibilities and the best available energy saving and energy efficiency practices.

The Law also stipulates such a form of state support as tax incentives in the form of the possibility to apply multiplying factors to the depreciation rate, investment tax credit, as well as compensation of interest on credit for the implementation of celeb sex tapes energy saving and energy efficiency projects.

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